Helisolid vs Helicoil

The biggest advantages that Helisolid® Threaded Inserts have over Helicoil inserts are in pull-out strength, torque-out strength and ease of installation. Helicoil inserts are thread coils made of formed wire while Helisolid® Threaded Inserts are machined from solid steel bars.

Installing a Heli-Coil insert can be difficult and time consuming. It involves drilling and tapping a hole with special drills and taps, inserting the Heli-Coil insert into a special pre-winder tool and lining it up with the tapped hole for installation. Helisolid® Threaded Inserts do not need a special pre-winder tool or special sized drills or taps.

Heli-Coil inserts have less pull-out and torque-out strength than Helisolid® Threaded Inserts because they are a wound wire versus a solid metal piece. Cross threading of a Heli-Coil product is often a problem while accidental cross-threading is nearly impossible with the Helisolid® Threaded Insert.

Heli-Coil inserts have tangs that need to be broken off after installation. These broken off tangs can fall into parent material creating FOD (Foreign Object Debris) in the assembly. Helisolid® Threaded Inserts have no tangs to break off.

A new Helisolid® Threaded Insert can be used in the same hole after removal of previous insert by using thick walled Helisolid® Threaded Insert. The same may not be possible Heli-Coil inserts.


Helisolid Insert


Helicoil Insert