Bolts are exposed to dynamic loads and continuous vibrations in several applications. Due to which nuts can unintentionally unfasten from the bolts. Standard nuts available in market use friction and clamping torque to prevent loosening of the nut from the bolts.

Helisolid Industries introduces a new breakthrough technology for fastening of nuts to the bolts. TYT Locknut combines the loss prevention function with the anti-rotation lock. This enables it to maintain the clamping force and preload force in the connection simultaneously.

TYT Locknut incorporates a special grade spring into the nuts body. When the bolt comes in contact with the spring, it expands and puts clamping pressure on the bolt. The tension of the spring prevents the bolt from rotating in the reverse direction. To release the bolt from the nut, one needs to release the tension on the spring by sliding the hook provided in the nut. This feature makes TYT Locknut have repeated reusability unlike nylock nuts.

TYT Locknuts are highly preferred where vibrations and dynamic lateral loads can cause standards nut to unscrew and fail affecting the safety.

TYT Locknuts are used in Railways, Automobile and Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Bridge and structural Engineering.

Thread Hex A / F Nut Length Ordering No
(S) (H) Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
M6x1P 10 10 TYT060S TYT060M
M8x1.25P 13 13 TYT080S TYT080M
M10x1.5P 17 16 TYT100S TYT100M
M12x1.75P 19 20 TYT120S TYT120M
M12x1.75P 22 21 TYT140S TYT140M
M16x2P 24 23 TYT160S TYT160M
M18x2.5P 27 27 TYT180S TYT180M
M20x2.5P 30 29 TYT200S TYT200M
M22x2.5P 31 32 TYT220S TYT220M
M24x3P 36 35 TYT240S TYT240M
M27x3P 41 38 TYT270S TYT270M
M30x3.5P 46 42 TYT300S TYT300M
M33x3.5P 50 45 TYT330S TYT330M
M36x4P 55 50 TYT360S TYT360M
M39x4P 60 53 TYT390S TYT390M
M42x4.5P 65 55 TYT420S TYT420M